A Better Cup of Tea

Any tea aficionado is ever in search of a better cup of tea. It is part of the passion—the hunt and that first sip. A century ago in China, tea lovers paid thousands for special mountain varieties that could only be reached on foot. The mania continues today but certainly at a more modest price. Sometimes the answer to your prayers come from strange items. If you are perplexed, I will reveal the secret to tea drinking success: installing a reverse osmosis water filter system in your home that can be purchased online. After you have garnered a dozen of the world’s greatest teas, you only have to conquer one more thing: the brewing water.

I eschew those automatic on e-cup machines that use prepared pods. The water is filtered, for sure, but the taste is mundane at best. There are only so many brands available. For me, I might as well use a tea bag. I like to collect some rare types that I find when traveling. I am in a tea club and we also exchange loose tea now and then. We all know that filtering the tap water makes a difference and there is no need to use bottled liquid with unnecessary cost. I find that tap water tastes better when filtered compared to most any water brand. Thus, I never run out of water when I crave that morning or afternoon cup.

Next to the porcelain or metal tea egg, the mini water filter is the most ingenious invention for avid tea lovers. I am glad that they don’t take up much room given that I have ten canisters of assorted teas of choice in my cupboard, with the one for the day sitting prettily on the countertop. There is nothing so varied as tea drinking. As many varieties of coffee that exist, I find that many are similar—Kona, Columbian, Brazilian, etc. Another way to spruce up your teatime is to use a different mug or cup. The experience of a basic mug is quite different from a china cup and saucer. Thus, there are many components to fine tea drinking for perfect and full enjoyment.

I take another water filter to work or while traveling so I can indulge in the best cup of tea at all times. You never have to sacrifice! The little gadget fits tidily in my handbag or backpack, as I wish. Plus, I buy tons of them as gifts for club member friends and to accompany holiday presents (usually a nice bag of tea). Life just wouldn’t be the same without this do-it-yourself filter. No need to buy a kitchen faucet device that you have to clean from time to time.

So let’s give a shout out for tea drinkers and their treasured gear. Join me in my search for the ever better cup of tea. Next time I will talk about milk or cream and types of sugar.