Gorgeous Find on my Way Home Today!

As a dyed in the wool tea lover, I collect unusual teapots in any shape and material from porcelain to earthenware and ceramic. Some are oriental while others are Early American. There is a variety of sizes and colors. I have quite a few now, nicely displayed on a special shelf installed just for them. I actually use them and promptly return them to their designated space. I have made sure that there is room for more. I have three shelves that take up an entire wall in my dining room. It is a wonderful alternative to ordinary artwork or a mirror. So mundane!

I love to scour the flea markets and thrift shops for unique items. I don’t need to spend a bundle on something brand new. I like the idea that each teapot has a history. I fantasize about the owners, where they live, and what kind of tea they like. Now it is mine and has a new life in my home. If you are a collector, you know how I feel. Each addition is a gem and you never know from where it will come. Recently, for example I had a stroke of good luck.

I window shop a lot when I walk the streets of my town as it helps pass the time. It is for amusement mostly, but sometimes it ends up in a real find. Such was the case the other day when I spotted a really different teapot in the window of a small shop. It stood out among the other items on display and I knew I had to have it. I struck up a conversation with the owner and asked the price. I also found out that it had been in a local family for several generations and was quite old. It could be considered a true antique, and very valuable, except that it had the tiniest crack on the bottom. If it were perfect, it would be worth a fortune. The good news for me was that it was affordable. It would be the new star in my growing collection.

I accepted the price after a small discount and watched the shopkeeper wrap in carefully in tissue paper and bubble wrap. It would be very secure in my business backpack that I bought from https://www.businessbagreview.com/. It happened to be empty today because I wasn’t going to the gym on the way home from work. I had left it open and free for shopping later. Now it housed this fabulous find and would make sure it got home intact.

The teapot made the journey well and enjoyed being unwrapped in its new environment. It took a liking to my other collectibles and agreed to sit quietly on the top shelf where it would be safe and secure. Fortunately, we don’t have earthquakes in my area or the entire group would be in grave peril. Now the various receptacles for tea could rest assured of their longevity.