I Did it Myself!

Mundane things can be irritating. This blog is about just one. I was in the process of making a steaming hot cup of tea when the kitchen faucet starting dripping. It drove me crazy as I could do nothing to stop it. There was no miracle wrench under the sink. It wasn’t just the torturous sound but the thought of all that wasted water too. Yes, I am an environmentalist. People say that tea drinkers are more tuned into the land. It isn’t a bad assumption. I am proud to care about conservation. Nevertheless, the faucet had to go. It wasn’t enough to try a repair as it is so old and worn out. It has clearly seen much better days when it had a nice finish and didn’t feel inferior to all the new state-of-the-art designs you see in new homes and online. Have you seen the extraordinary innovations in the field? The latest models on sale at Kitchen Faucet Depot are like works of art. They shame your old traditional model. They not only give you instant hot and filtered water, but they are the epitome of curving grace. Some are dressed in wraparound spring.  You can have touchless if you want the latest invention. Nothing rivals the new unity of form and function other than modern toilets. Now that is another huge subject. It seems that fixtures are in a state of change. I had to take advantage of the dripping to get the perfect Delta brand faucet.

I don’t like the way the old faucet comes down so low to the sink. Who designed it this way? Now faucets offer the option of enough height to fill a large cooking pot or tea kettle. If you don’t have a long one at the sink, you can install a special model over the stove. The new necks are not chintzy. I knew that a brand as vast as Delta would have just the right style. They have a good reputation for durability, modern design and a choice of amenities. The price is right with this company. The question was could I install it on my own. I know you need the right tools which I don’t own. How many of us regularly do plumbing! Okay, I borrowed what I needed and watched a YouTube installation video. You can follow the procedure step by step. I had my brother waiting in the wings in case I got myself in trouble. He fully expected to come to the rescue. I paid close attention and knew just what to do. I was worried about having the strength but with the right tool, it doesn’t matter. I was determined to conquer any obstacle.

It went well, and the faucet now gleams and glows in my updated kitchen. It is a triumph of technology and style. It feels even better since I did it myself. Just call me a handywoman, my new name.