I’m a Little Teapot


Some people collect shot glasses, cookie jars, or salt and pepper shakers. I am a collector too, but I prefer to collect teapots. I have some cutesy kiddie type designs, a few fancy china pots, and just about everything in between. My grandmother got me started when I was young when she presented me with a teapot shaped like Winnie-the-Pooh’s tree house. I have collected many others since that first gift, and some of them are high on my list of favorites–but that first one will always have a special place in my heart. I frequently look online and scout out garage sales to see if I can find something unique and special to add to my collection.  I like to say that I have a discerning eye because I don’t just buy every single one I see; instead, my goal is to curate a unique collection in a variety of shapes and styles to show off my eclectic sense of style. I have about forty right now; I keep telling myself that there isn’t enough room in my tiny loft apartment for more but I always manage to find space for the next one whenever I stumble across something worthy of joining the rest of my teapots.

However, I don’t want you to get the wrong impression of me. I am not just a hoarder. The teapots are actually part of my business model. I dream of one day opening a quiet little tea shop and café. It’s the perfect way to indulge in my favorite activity, get my own supply at a great rate, and talk to people about something I love all day long. Making a profit would be an added bonus. I plan to hire someone with pastry experience to bake sweet treats for the customers while they eat. I also want to have some books and magazines, maybe not for purchase but for perhaps for borrowing, like a lending library. I want to be able to serve all my customers with their very own little teapot. I think that will be a fun and unique way to present beverages. I also want the teapots to serve as décor. I have this vision of a shelf that goes all the way around the shop, lined with the teapots I am accumulating. I put every spare penny I have towards achieving that dream. I am maybe halfway there. In a year or two, I think I will start scouting locations. I already know exactly what I am looking for: aquaint main-street-stylebuilding with the tea shop on the first floor, and then I could live in the apartment above.

You’d come and have a cup of tea with me at a place like that, wouldn’t you?