Tea lovers unite! I am tired of coffee dominating the beverage market whether it is for morning or afternoon consumption. Tea is like drinking a little bit of heaven in a china cup. Delicate porcelain painted with dainty flowers sure beats a logo mug from the office. You know the kind that is all stained at the bottom. There are many kinds of tea in my cupboard from jasmine, English breakfast, Earl Grey and orange spice to lemon herbal and chamomile. What is your favorite? My grandfather loved green tea and we used to share stories over steaming cups of this lovely brew. I was so fond of him and our special times together. The memories bring me to tears.

My grandfather was an expert at woodworking and had a large work space in the garage. He had so many tools that he ran out of space and had to hand them on the wall. He had a peg board for this very purpose. His work bench was made of wood and had seen better days. It no doubt had witnessed some fine creations. He was known in the family as Mr. Fixit, but he also made wooden boxes that were a sight to behold. They were so perfect and he even etched designs into their surfaces. You considered yourself blessed if you got one of them as a gift. You would expect his skills in woodworking to be passed on, but it didn’t happen to me. I am a true beginner when it comes to woodworking, even after reading this guide.  I am one dimensional about tea. I read about various tea drinking and serving traditions such as the one in Japan. I imagine myself in different countries partaking of a social custom.

I also spend time in antique stores on the hunt for teapots to add to my growing collection. I can go for months without finding anything of interest. But then I get hooked on something that I can’t live without. Recently, this “aha” experience happened with a set of high quality woodworking chisels. Imagine that. Not a teapot! If you are wondering why, it is because they are the spit and image of my grandfather’s tools. They reminded me of him so much that I had to have them. One look and so many memories arise. I see him in my mind’s eye bent over his work table, a chisel in hand. He is smiling as he works, and when he sees me in the doorway, he grins from ear to ear.

A woodworking chisel may be a common item, not something to collect, but I have a different opinion. When it evokes something from your past, it becomes more than a mere antique. I will place them strategically at home and know where to go to generate fond memories. Teapots, china cups, and chisels. It is a nice combination, don’t you think? We all have our idiosyncrasies. I am getting so nostalgic as I write that I am prompted to get out the old family photo album.