Pilot Light Problems

I am sitting quietly in the kitchen over a steaming cup of my favorite tea. When I do this, my mind relaxes and begins to wander, often to strange subjects. I go over past events and scrutinize their meaning. I get bored with that and move on. Today I am thinking about my home and how it serves my needs. I am reminded that I take things for granted; but then there comes a time when you face reality.

I see the gas water heater in the corner of the laundry area. Have I ever seen it before? You normally don’t pay attention to your appliances until they don’t work anymore. A stove is just a stove. A refrigerator just drones on. Such is the mundanity of life. When something malfunctions, it becomes a noticeable situation and you then call for help. I can’t say that I have state of the art stuff, so I won’t be surprised when something unforeseen happens. As a matter of fact, the other day the water heater went out, and I really missed my hot bath. I was less than pleased, so I turned to Twitter to vent. It was inconvenient and unpleasant. You realize how much you depend on everyday things. The repairman said I have a simple issue with my pilot light and that is the one drawback of not having an electrical unit. He fixed it mighty fast as it only needed tightening. I don’t claim to understand the inner workings of a water heater but it is time to learn how to light the pilot after all. I have been a bit intimidated by gas; but it isn’t much different from turning on a gas oven. My mother says, get over it!

One factor in prompting me to get on with learning to light the pilot was the realization of how many heated tea kettles of water it would take to have a warm bath. It is simple math and a practical point. I think I can put up with a testy pilot now and then. I prefer not to spend a chunk of money, so I turned to the internet to read some gas water heater reviews. I would feel compelled to get a new tankless model to be up to date and they can be expensive. Why put it something obsolete and old fashioned? I am not a modernize everything freak, but I do want reliability and longevity. Listening to the repairman has made me aware of how much control I already have over my existing water heater. I don’t have to assume, erroneously, that only an electrical model will do. My gas device will serve me well for many years to come.

I am finishing with my musings and am ready to pour another cup of hot tea. I switch to a new brand and savor the aroma. The warm liquid soothes my throat and also my mind. I am no longer meditating on my pilot light or buying a new water heater that is easier to use. It is time to clear the brain.