Why Sports Make Me Crazy

Picking out a soccer ball for a gift for a friend’s son is not like selecting a tea to drink or even a new ceramic mug. In other words, for me it isn’t easy. I don’t know much about soccer for youth or adults. I am going to have to get some help. That means going online and reading stuff from places like Top Corner Mag and then going to the local sports emporium and questioning the salesperson. I set about my task with some trepidation but my fears are unwarranted. The store has balls in every size so surely one of them is right for this boy. While I did get a good answer, and bought the item recommended, it was not the most fun I ever had. I was in another realm, as far from my world of tea as you can get. When this happens, the insecurity makes you crazy.

Soccer is so hot right now that I should know more about it. I know it is a favored choice amongst kids these days. As any child on the street and he or she will explain all about soccer balls. They might even drag you home to look at their own choice. I won’t have to buy one for myself, but if it comes down to a birthday or holiday present, I am now up to speed. My friend tells me that her son is ecstatic over the new ball and thanks me profusely for being so attentive about the best one. Next time I have a personal challenge, I should remember this quest and know that I can find a solution to any problem.

As a way to thank me very individually, I was invited over to watch a soccer match on my friend’s TV. We enjoyed tea (of course) and snacks during the game. I actually found it rather exciting despite low scores. It is dynamic, action packed, and engenders patriotism when it is your own team. The son gave me a gift of a similar kind: a book on the rules of soccer in the US. Now I will be well versed in the subject. As my friend’s child grows up, we will continue to share the joys of his favorite pastime. The lesson here is clear. You go through life sometimes in a fog until a friend or some relative clues you in on something you don’t know. Soccer opened up a whole new world to me, one that I can share with others as a fan. I don’t have to play it myself.

I am sitting with my new book in a big overstuffed chair, comfortable and content, hugging a mug of tea with my free hand. It is a delightful way to pass an afternoon. But wait. There is a European soccer tournament on TV today. I set the book aside and set my gaze intently on the screen.